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Grandpa Bennie Songs

Johnnie Ver Beck

Down in the town of Palimore
There lived a mean old man.
His name was Mr Johnnie Ver Beck
And he could shurely plan.

His house was full of cats and dogs
And ring-tailed rats a few.
So Johnnie Ver Beck, he made a machine
That ground them all to stew.

Oh mister Johnnie Ver Beck,
How could you be so mean?
I told you you'd be sorry for
Inventing that machine.
Now all the neighbor's cats and dogs
Will never more be seen.
They'll all be ground to sausages
In Johnnie Ver Beck's machine.

One day a boy came walking,
Came walking in a store.
He bought a pound of sausages
And laid them on the floor.

The boy began to whistle
He whistled up a tune.
And all the little sausages
Went dancing around the room.


One night the machine got busted,
The blamed thing wouldn't go.
So Johnnie Ver Beck, he crawled inside
To see what made it so.

His wife, she had a nightmare,
And walking in her sleep.
She gave the crank a heck of a hank,
And Johnnie Ver Beck was meat.


It ain't gonna rain no more

The refrain:
It ain't gonna rain no more, no more,
It ain't gonna rain no more.
How in the (heck) can the old folks tell
it ain't gonna rain no more?

It rained last night and the night before,
it ain't gonna rain no more.
How in the (heck) can wash my neck
if it ain't gonna rain no more.

I went down by the river
and sat down by a bush.
I sat down on a bumble bee,
and the bee backed up and pushed.


I went into a shoe shop
and wanted to be heeled.
He also managed to save my sole,
so now my fate is sealed.


The mosquito he fly high,
mosquito he fly low.
If mosquito light on me,
he ain't gonna fly no mow.


June bug flits on wings of gold,
Butterfly on wings of lace,
Bed bugs got no wing's a'tall,
but be gets there just the same.


Peanut sat on a railroad track,
heart was all a flutter.
Train came rushin round the bend.
Toot toot, peanut butter.


A Golf ball flyen through the air
passed one man a hummin.
I heard a caddy holler "fore"
and I thought three more were comm'in."


(Stanley's verse)
I went to the university
to see what I could be.
I went and studied 4 long years,
and moved up one degree.



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